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What You Need To Know About Being a Single Mom Sugar Baby
Posted by | April 10, 2018

A single momma hugs her babyThanks to pop culture, sugar babies have been boxed into the same image: a young girl, probably in college, looking like she just stepped off a magazine cover. But that’s not really what all sugar babies are. Yes, almost all women are beautiful in their own way. But they have greater goals in their life than to just look beautiful for their sugar daddies.
The basic goal for many sugar babies is to have someone pay for their lifestyle while allowing them the pleasure of their company. Another group of women that categorize themselves as sugar babies as well; single mothers...[read more]

Getting Tuition Paid And Being Spoiled - How to Get a Sugar Daddy!
Posted by | April 9, 2018

A couple is talking face to faceIt’s no secret that there are many women out there looking for a smart, sophisticated man to take them under their wing and support them financially. Becoming a sugar baby is a great option.
As for a sugar daddy, they have the comfort of knowing that by supporting a sugar baby, they’re dating a smart, clever woman who just wants support. Overall, it’s a win-win situation for both.
If you’re a sugar baby looking for a sugar daddy...[read more]

Let's Talk Sugar — Coping With Rejection as A Sugar Baby
Posted by | April 9, 2018

A man kisses a woman's foreheadIn the world of online sugar dating, rejection stings even more than it would in the regular dating scene.
Your profile might have enough views but not as many contacts. Messages might go unanswered or unopened. You might not be attracting as many sugar daddies as you want. Or someone might ghost you after a meet-and-greet. For a sugar baby, life can be rough. But this is why it’s even more crucial that you approach the sugar dating with a clear view in mind; being the hunter, not the hunted!...[read more]

Here's Why You May Be Attracted to Older Men
Posted by | April 8, 2018

A rich gentlemanOver the years, you’ve seen a bit of a change in your dating adventures.
Younger men just don’t seem as appealing to you anymore.
This doesn’t mean that you don’t have any good options though. But sometimes, you just want a man who has his act together, and who knows how to act maturely when needed. This is probably why you find older men more attractive now.
But the age gap is freaking you out a bit. It shouldn’t...[read more]

What Happened After I Joined A Sugar Daddy Website
Posted by | September 13, 2017

sugar baby wantedToday, there are lots of available dating sites for everyone that provide different demographic segments. Whether you are just plainly looking for a date or future partner, there is always a unique and ideal dating site for you. And sugar daddy website tends to be one of the most popular sites.
Before, if you are a woman seeking for a rich man or you are an old, rich man who is seeking for a younger woman, you will have to exert extra effort and time just to find a perfect partner. However, with the help of sugar daddy website, a sugar daddy and a sugar baby find everything to be convenient and more effective...[read more]

What is the Similarity and Difference between Sugar Daddy in UK vs. USA?
Posted by | June 13, 2017

sugar daddy uk vs sugar daddy USAThere are people who always want the best in their lives and will never ever settle for anything else. They have this attitude toward the different aspects of their lives from their home lives, to their careers and even their social lives. It is the people who won’t settle that have a hard time finding interesting people since it is not easy finding people who have the same passion and drive about life as they do. They will never lower their standards or downgrade their lifestyle just to try to get along with someone who cannot afford the same level of lifestyle or does not have the same interests...[read more]

Smartphone Makes Sugar Daddy Dating More and More Convenient
Posted by | April 17, 2017

Mobile make dating more convenientSugar daddy dating sites are on the go and a new level of fun and intimate moments with the use of a smartphone. If your PC at home is not working, you should try the sugar daddy experience on your mobile device.
You have the big chance of sizzling the moment as you prepare to chat with your sugar daddy or sugar baby. The smartphone age together with the apps provided by the top sugar daddy sites would easily give you an edge in selecting the sugar daddy you want or vice versa.
Smartphone technology not only relieves you the trouble of chatting or choosing your sugar daddy or sugar baby but also would provide you with the following...[read more]

Top 10 Places to Meet a Potential Sugar Daddy
Posted by | January 20, 2017

cheers in a partySearching for successful and wealthy sugar daddy for love or dating? Well, there are huge numbers of places where you can find such successful and wealthy sugar daddy you dreamed of. They will be there to support you and pamper you financially. To those who wanted to get in touch with the best and most effective places to meet sugar daddies, and then here are the top 10 best places to meet a potential sugar daddy and these are as follows:

1. Sugar Daddy Websites
One of the best choices for those who are searching for their potential sugar daddy for long lasting love and relationship are the different...[read more]

Sugar Daddy & Cougar Mamma in entertainment industry
Posted by | December 27, 2016

Janet Jackson & Justin TimberlakeJust as we may know that there exist wealthy and successful sugar daddies & cougar mamma in every industry. They can be lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs, athletes, dentists, etc. You wouldn’t feel surprised if I tell you that celebrities are even more preferring the May-December love since there are too many examples of celebrity sugar daddy and celebrity cougars in entertainment industry.
1) Janet Jackson: Miss Jackson is a merely cougar mamma. Her ex-boyfriend Jermaine Dupri was six years younger than she. However, he was heard to have had short flirt with a 15-years-younger Justin Timberlake (it’s meaningless to discuss how long their relationship last, right?) in the early 2000s...[read more]

Tips For UK Students on How To Land & Keep A Sugar Daddy
Posted by | November 23, 2016

a sugar daddy dating with a young sugar baby happilyLife can be pretty hard for UK students. They have to deal with not only the ever-increasing tuition fees but also skyrocketing rent. Therefore, it’s no surprise that now an increasing number of the students are trading on their sex appeal and turning to different sugar daddy websites so as to be able to supplement their student grants.
This type of arrangement sees a young woman being provided the chance to earn some money in return for companionship. The so-called babies normally accompany their sugar daddies to favorite UK pastimes like dancing, drinking, football matches, and functions plus restaurants as well as weekends away, and nights in hotels, among others...[read more]

From What Age Range of Sugar Daddies do Sugar Babies Prefer to Seek?
Posted by | October 25, 2016

40-50 years old sugar daddy and a young sugar babyNowadays, Sugar daddy dating has been equally popular like other modern trends. Most of the younger women prefer to consider themselves as sugar babies rather than settling with same age or younger guys who may be more immature than them. Sugar daddy dating can be made possible through sugar daddy website like
Some sugar daddy sites are straight sugar daddy dating sites for wealthy male sugar daddies and female sugar babies, such as And some sugar daddy websites also allow older women dating younger men or younger men dating rich older men, such as, etc...[read more]

What's The Difference Between Rich Men Dating Sites And Sugar Daddy Websites?
Posted by | September 26, 2016

rich men not equal sugar daddyDating sites are all around on the internet. This serves as an easy way to look for a sugar daddy or a sugar baby. An effective way of communication between the parties are easily put forward if you are rich sugar daddy who is looking for a companion or a relationship, the dating site is the best option for you. A sugar baby will find an easy look out for the desired sugar daddy she aspires. The detailed and accurate information is set to make the meet up easy as possible. If you try to consider the choices, there are many options to be considered which dating site you will choose.
If you are confused between rich men dating sites and sugar daddy websites, the information below will provide you a clear picture. This will provide you the right approach on which dating site is suited to your preference...[read more]

How Much Allowance You Ask for Sugar Daddy is Reasonable?
Posted by | September 01, 2016

moneySugar daddy dating offers a lot of benefits and one of these is the allowance that you can get from your sugar daddy. However, there are some things that you should know about the allowance of a sugar baby. First of all, it doesn’t determine your worth. Remember that you’re priceless. The sugar baby allowance is all about setting a price for the effort, contribution, time and attention that you’re willing to give to your sugar daddy. Here’s how you can determine the amount you should ask from your sugar daddy for your allowance.

What You Want...[read more]

Many Models Choose to Join Sugar Daddy Websites to Gain Popularity Now
Posted by | August 10, 2016

sexy modelSugar daddy websites are becoming more popular today. In fact, many models are choosing to join such websites to gain popularity. Sugar daddy websites provide people with a place where they can find romance, friendships and relationships of convenience. These websites bring beautiful young women and wealthy men together for an equally rewarding relationship through the internet.
Members of sugar daddy dating websites know what they want, so you are assured that you can meet like-minded individuals on these sites. These websites have chat rooms that allow you to converse with people who are interested in sugar daddy dating...[read more]

Tell You the Real Sugar Daddy Lifestyle
Posted by | July 14, 2016

real sugar daddy lifestyleSugar baby knows that keeping a mutually beneficial relationship with a sugar daddy, they can get from your needs through to your luxuries, everything will be provided for them without making money by yourself. Before you really become a sugar baby, it may be hard to image what sugar daddy’s real lifestyle looks like. This post will give you some ideas.
Sugar Daddy Can Give Anyone a Shortcut to Their Lifestyle
Rich people know where the best places are across the world, experience luxurious travels, nights out at top restaurants or bars, they travel, contact with new people and new things step ahead of the world...[read more]

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