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Managing Multiple Sugar Daddies

Posted by | June 29, 2018

The sweeter your sugar bowl, the better.

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Sugar dating can be a competitive so if you’ve managed to bag yourself more than one sugar daddy - congratulations! You may be a pro at making your sugar daddy happy but now that you have multiple—it’s going to be a different ball game altogether.

Now is the time to start strategizing how to keep all the men in your life happy and juggle multiple arrangements successfully.

Date Planning

When it comes to dating multiple men, know that they will all require quality time. When making reservations or accepting dinner offers, make sure you update your planner with the When, Who and Where.

Make a note of your reservations either on paper or in your phone so you don’t mix them up or worse be caught red-handed if one of your sugar daddies doesn’t know you are playing the field. On that note, it is also a wise idea to be honest with your sugar daddies and let them know you are dating other men. They may actually like it and are sure to appreciate the honesty.

Full Attention

Just because you have more people vying for your attention now doesn’t mean you should make them feel like second-best. You run the risk of losing out on sugar daddies that could’ve stayed with you in the long haul by being distracted and unfocused while you are with them. Avoid calls or texts when you with your sugar daddy and give him your full attention every time you are with one.

Select Wisely

When dating multiple sugar daddies, there are bound to be overlaps while arranging dates. You don’t want to be running around seeing your SDs all the time. Make sure the men in your life have busy schedules or travel frequently. By having SDs who can only meet with you occasionally, you can relax and have a flexible personal schedule.

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Be Open To Change

In addition to being honest and open with your sugar daddies, it is more important to be true to yourself. If at any point you feel like your relationships are bringing your more stress than happiness, it’s time to cut the cord.

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