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How to Describe Yourself on a Sugar Daddy Website

Posted by | January 11, 2016

I’m a webmaster of a sugar daddy dating site with 15 years website management experiences. Here are some tips about sugar daddy dating profile registration which I will share with all people who are interested in sugar daddy or sugar baby dating.

Most of the people regard registering on sugar daddy websites as a very simple and easy thing. It’s not true. How attractive your profile is will decide how many members will contact you. You will be terribly wrong if you ignore this.

sugar baby profile

Filling in a perfect profile is indeed an easy thing. The registration steps of major sites are almost the same. Many people have one profile on almost all the major sugar daddy websites for the sake of giving themselves more chances or comparing which site is the best sugar daddy website. I will not explain how to register a profile. It’s easy. I believe everyone can do this. What I want to talk mainly the aspects we should pay attention to and the problems which we care about.

1. Many members worry that sugar daddy websites will disclose their information which may cause trouble to their life. They usually fill in fake email or phone number. However, you don’t need to worry this at all. The sugar daddy dating websites will never disclose, sell or rent any personal information to any third-party organizations. Only members of sugar daddy websites may view your profile. 

2. Fill in a meaningful and easy- to- remember username, it will be better if your personality can be highlighted. Do not fill it arbitrarily. Otherwise, you can’t even remember it when time goes by.

meaningful username

3. The length of password should not be less than 6 characters. The longer, the better. It would be better if the password is composed with uppercase and lower-case letters, Arabic numbers, and special characters like @ -. The password safety is very important. Or your password can be easily cracked and your personal information will be disclosed. However, the password is better to be common and easy to remember.

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4. Honesty is very important. Please do fill in real information, especially email and phone number. They are the important channel through which other sugar daddy / sugar baby can contact you.

be honest

5. Many members always make a mistake on their gender and their match’s gender. There is no “male and female” option on sugar daddy websites which is different from other sites. There’s only “sugar daddy / sugar baby” option. Some people may not know what is a sugar daddy and what is a sugar baby? So, they fill in a wrong gender. Some people make a mistake on the gender due to carelessness. Some make a mistake since they fill it in a hurry. However, do you know the result of filling gender in error? Some sugar babies fill in their gender as a sugar daddy. You will appear in the search results when other sugar babies search sugar daddies in local. However, they only want to find a real sugar daddy. You will lose the chance of being contacted by others. Sometimes members complain why no one contact him / her. It’s because he / she fills in the gender in error.

6. Many members meet lots of problems while uploading photos.

(Ⅰ) Some members will upload a fake picture since they have no confidence on their appearance. It’s meaningless. Your photo will be deleted by profiles auditors. Others will find your photo is fake when chatting with you through video. And they will not trust you anymore.

(Ⅱ) Some members will upload photo with ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend. You come here for dating rather than to show your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. Do you think others will still date you after seeing these photos?

(Ⅲ)Some members will upload a particularly big photo. We usually can only see the top of the head through the photo, we can’t even see the face.

(Ⅳ)You can upload at most 30 photos on many sugar daddy websites. You can upload more photos to let your sugar daddy / sugar baby learn you more.

(Ⅴ)Some members like to upload photos with funny facial expressions. This will make you look not like yourself. Others prefer to see the real you rather than your funny facial expression. A recent photo with a smile is OK.

With a smile photo

(Ⅵ)Some members will not upload photo at all. This will make you lose 80% of the chance of being contacted. Uploading one photo will improve the contact ratio by 20X.

7. Many members like to leave contact information or just write a few words in “about me” and “about my match” column. It’s not good. The webmaster will not let you leave contact information in self-introduction. Please write more details in self-introduction like your occupation, your interests, your life, etc. Try your best to be more detailed when describing your ideal match, like his /her interested, his / her occupation, his / her family situation.

about me and my match

8. Many members complain that why I need to fill in so much content? I just need to register an account. In fact, many sugar daddy websites want you to show more about yourself so that your match can learn you more.

keep your profile positive

9. Many members are hesitating to pay for gold membership. Is there any real free sugar daddy websites? There’s no free meal. You can only choose the websites which have cheaper gold membership fees. Sugar daddy websites serves for you, help you seek partner, they deserve reward. These money is not a problem if you can find a real sugar daddy/sugar baby. Standard members can’t contact other members initially. You can only wait others to search you, contact you. Only paid members can contact others initially.

10. Some members will cancel their account while browsing the site casually several times. How can you judge a website by remaining on it several minutes? Why register if you don’t believe this site can help you find ideal match? So, you’d better compare which sites are the best sugar daddy websites. In fact, you can google the “top 10 sugar daddy sites” to compare them.

Conclusion: Please fill in real personal information. Don’t worry the site will disclose your personal information. You will face people with flesh and blood finally. Any fake information will be exposed before your match. And you don’t like others say you are a scammer, right?

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