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Our Story

The first sugar daddy dating site, was founded since 2002. Then,,, and was also created. They bring the two new terms "sugar daddy" and "sugar baby" into people's field of vision.

In the development of more than 10 years, the industry of sugar daddy dating has grown larger and larger and developed better and better. Many people gained benefit from it, especially those who need financial support and generous men who need to find a young soul mate. Many people want to get benefit from it, and more and more sugar daddy dating websites have been established. In fact, the editor found more than 100 sugar daddy sites or apps on the web. There are many good sites like,, etc. There are also many spam sites. There are very few users on these spam sites. No one is doing customer service, there are many scammers. Their user experience is very bad. In search engines, people usually spend a long time to search and compare these websites for finding the most satisfying dating site.

In 2014, editor established and listed the top 10 sugar daddy sites, includes reviews, prices and features, etc. It specialized in helping those people with little or no experience with sugar dating to find the most suitable website at the fastest speed, lest they be deceived. Editor has been paying attention to the changes in the sugar daddy dating industry. When a new sugar daddy website rises suddenly, the editor will update the top 10 sugar daddy sites as quickly as possible. Editor is not a professional writer, but he is an expert in the sugar dating industry. Editor updates 1-2 new blogs or dating tips almost every month to help users solve the variety of problems they encounter in dating. Currently, our website has 64 blogs or dating tips, and the editor will keep updating.

Our Mission

If you are a new sugar daddy or sugar baby, here, you can quickly know everything about sugar dating. Congratulations, you have come to the right place. Our goal is to eliminate the impact of bad sugar daddy websites on potential users, help users find the most suitable sugar daddy website as quickly as possible, and help users quickly grow from a 0 base to a successful sugar baby or sugar daddy. We are very happy to offer you a platform to grow.

Our values

1. Learn about the latest top 10 sugar daddy sites through our fair and open comments (editor thinks 10 dating sites are enough).
2. Know more about how the best sugar daddy websites work, including their strengths and weaknesses, and their history, features, membership prices, etc.
3. Compare the top 10 sugar daddy sites and choose the one that works best for you.
4. Quickly improve your dating experience by learning the dating tips and blogs on our website.
5. If you encounter any related problems, you can contact us directly and we will be happy to help you. (Please go to the Contact Us section for contact information)

Our Goal

#1 Sugar Daddy Dating Reviews Site.

How Do We Rank the Top 10 Sugar Daddy Sites?

Editor has searched and compared more than 100 websites through GOOGLE, and initially screened the top 10 sugar daddy sites. For the global ranking of the top 10 sugar daddy sites, please check on The fluctuations of a website's global ranking are very large, especially some websites are ranked slightly lower, so we not only judge the final ranking of the website based on the level of the website's global ranking. Editor personally registered the accounts of these websites, first check if they are free, which users are free, and carefully test their features, experience their ease of use, privacy protection, customer support, and so on. Editor carefully compares the “value for money”, “chance of getting a date”, “popularity” of these websites, and finds their advantages and disadvantages, and finally makes the fairest evaluation. The ultimate goal of all our efforts is to provide our users with the latest and most reliable reference.

Rank Sugar Daddy Sites Global Rank
Top 1 97,495
Top 2 8,271
Top 3 175,658
Top 4 21,234
Top 5 204,279
Top 6 61,427
Top 7 168,910
Top 8 122,212
Top 9 239,239
Top 10 494,875
star ratings

Chance of getting a date: We usually evaluate a website according to their total number of active members and the return visitor rates. The more the active members are, the more chances of getting a date. Similarly, the larger the return visitor rates, the more chances of getting a date.

privacy protection: Mainly according to the website or APP features whether there is a big bug, whether the user's personal information (ID, email, photo, etc.) will be leaked to a third party, whether the user's messages will be viewed by a third party, and the real users' reviews to the security of these websites to make a final evaluation.

Features: We make the final evaluation of a site’ features mainly based on whether there is a bug, whether it is easy-to-use, whether the design is beautiful, whether there are special features, whether there is mobile version, or whether there is iOS app & Android app, etc.

Customer support: Mainly according to whether support can respond to users' feedbacks in time, whether to provide 24/7 customer service. Some websites don't support refund on memberships. Be careful.

Value for money: Value for money = (chance of getting a date + Features) / membership fee. This data is the most important basis for our website ranking. If the value is larger, then the value of ‘Value for money’ will be higher. Otherwise, the value of ‘Value for money’ will be lower. Free websites need to be reviewed separately.

Popularity: It is mainly evaluated based on the current ranking of this website or App. If the website's ranking is higher, then its popularity's star ratings will be higher.

About Our Expert

Fred Liao

Fred Liao is a Canadian Asian. He has been working on the Sugar Daddy Meet (SDM) project since 2009 and has been working in the niche of sugar daddy dating for 10 years. From the beginning of the marketing, the customer service, to management, he has done almost all the work. He is the marketing manager of SDM now. He has conducted an in-depth investigation into the market of sugar daddy dating, which plays an important role in developing the market and developing a new strategic direction for the SDM Project. Therefore, he is very confident in his own expertise. If you have any questions about sugar dating, you can send a letter directly to his email address,, or learn more from blogs or dating tips.

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