Reviews of the best sugar daddy websites on the web help you find the most suitable sugar daddy website.

  • Top 4 Sugar Daddy Apps for iPhone & Android in 2022

    Once you have set up the goal to meet a sugar daddy or sugar baby, you have the question that, is there any effective way to propel the dating process? Our first choice is sugar daddy dating sites. However, there are times during which we can’t use the PC.
    This is where our dating apps steals the spotlight. These apps can be used on mobiles. It’s convenient for people on the go. This review chooses the top 4 sugar daddy apps after careful survey. You can download them on Google Play.
    *Update: Affected by the release of the FOSTA-SESTA bill, Apple has removed almost all the online dating apps and the money-related dating sites. Fortunately, the Google Play Store is not affected by this bill. You can continue downloading sugar daddy apps with your Android phone, or visiting their website directly from your phone's browser.

  • #1 SDM App

    SDM (Abbreviation for is the hottest dating app for sugar babies looking for sugar daddies, anytime, anywhere. The leading sugar daddy apps in serving only the top 20 richest countries. More than 2 million people are currently using this app. Here you will have more chances to encounter a suitable match. The design of this app is very beautiful, and the elegant black makes the whole app look noble and mysterious. Its feature is very easy-to-use. In the Apple App Store, SDM is the only real sugar daddy apps in the sugar daddy dating area. Due to the release of the FOSTA-SESTA laws, other apps have been removed from Apple. So, it's so special.

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  • #2 Sudy App

    Sudy is one of the top sugar daddy dating apps for successful men date with attractive babies. There are 3 million+ members using this app, including investors, entrepreneurs, CEOs, doctors, super models, celebrities, lawyers, college students, and more. You can find its uniqueness after comparing with other sugar daddy apps. It's not an FWB app. Sudy is an effective app to help members to find their ideal matches, its features make dating activity easier and faster. Here you can verify your photos to get more views and responses, and you can also discuss a hot topic with other members happily. You can also view other people's moments or share your moments. It is worth a try.

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  • #3 Seeking App

    Seeking is a high-quality luxury dating app for successful and attractive members. With over 10+ million members, it is the largest app for all the sugar relationships, sugar babies, sugar boys, sugar daddies, sugar mommas. Seeking is a quick and easy-to-use sugar daddy apps. It also organizes offline events for our millionaires, wealthy men, attractive members, such as singles parties, and relationship summits. Seeking has been reported by many mainstream media like CNN, Forbes, ABC, New York Times, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, and so on. Since the Apple App Store has removed this app, it is gradually transforming from sugar daddy app to millionaire dating app. And it is no longer admit that I am a sugar daddy app. However, it is a real dating app. Finally, I have to say that it is the most expensive online dating app for members. Download it now!

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  • #4 Zaddy App

    Zaddy is a luxury dating club where successful gentlemen and gorilla's type of daters. Zaddy users are professionals and attractive social elites who would like to enjoy unique luxurious, they aren't ''Come over and chill'' type of daters. The design of Zaddy adapt a very simple style with white background and embellishments of purple buttons or text. It makes the entire app look simple and clean, like a pure girl. There is nothing special about its features. They are commonly used features such as chat, view other people’s profile, and like each other, etc. However, many users have given this app 5 stars. Join Zaddy for an unforgettable dating experience!

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