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What Is It Like To Be A College Sugar Baby

Posted by | May 16, 2018

A beautiful college sugar baby

According to, “Since 2006, more than 7 million students have joined the website, the world’s largest Sugar Daddy dating site, to meet wealthy benefactors.”

The figure may seem shocking but when you consider the unimaginable costs of college tuition fees, it starts to make sense.

Consider this: You are a first-year college student, struggling financially, crushed under mounting student debts and despite saving as much as you can, you still find yourself barely getting by.

That is the disquieting reality of a growing number of college students in America. It’s no wonder then that the number of sugar daddy websites have skyrocketed.

College students, male and female, are increasingly finding themselves being attracted to the sugar life and many are finding success in it.

For students, graduating without debt; and for sugar daddies/mamas, enjoying the company of smart and good-looking students turns out to be a sweet deal for both parties.

Getting Started

If you are any good as a sugar baby, you have an inviting profile on one the top sugar daddy websites, a great personality and know how to hold a conversation.

Play your cards right and you can see messages anywhere from 10-50 per day. Messaging the chosen ones back and starting a conversation on text helps you weed out the unsuitable ones and narrow down the list to the ones you have the best chances of developing great chemistry with.

Sugar Baby Life

A young girl is driving a yacht while drinking.

Once you find yourself in an agreement, this is what to expect:

Most of the sugar babies we talked to described their arrangements as being similar to any other relationship they’ve had—with the added extravagance. Mini vacations, private resorts, Michelin star restaurants and of course shopping at high-end stores came as part and parcel of the arrangement.

Allowances are usually discussed after the first week of dating. The preferred mode of ‘payment’ ranges anywhere from contributions towards tuition fee to helping with debt to taking care of living expenses such as rent and bills.

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Playing The Field

Most college sugar babies have relationships outside of their arrangement; casual or committed. Many have more than one sugar daddy/mama at one time. Depending on your agreement, college students enjoy a regular student life at college and an even better and luxurious life outside.

Whether you become a sugar baby to make your way through college or you’re looking at the sugar life as a long-term option, being open and having fun are key to enjoying these years.

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