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Chin up: Dealing With the End of an Arrangement

Posted by | May 17, 2018

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Getting out of a long term arrangement either by your wish or your sugar daddy’s can be a sensitive and vulnerable time. You may grow attached to the other person or to their lifestyle, but it is important to remember that the end of an arrangement means the beginning of a new, exciting one.

There is no need for screaming matches or resentful feelings. Moving on can be as easy or difficult as you make it. Exit arrangements gracefully, with your dignity intact and learn how to cope if you feel hurt with these strategies:

It’s Not Personal

Are you blaming yourself for the end of the arrangement? Stop now. An arrangement can end for a number of reasons. Maybe your sugar daddy was involved in multiple relationships and found it difficult to manage his time and money. Or he wanted to progress to a serious relationship and settle down, and you didn’t.

The reasons could be endless and they probably have nothing to do with you.

Time Heals

As they say, time heals everything. Give yourself time take a break if you feel like it would do you good. Get back in the game when you wish but don’t let a break up put a damper on your self confidence.

Live In The Moment

Arrangements are not made for life, so don’t fixate on the ones that have ended. Instead, put your big girl shoes on and see the opportunities that are presenting themselves to you at the moment. Learn from the lessons you got from your last arrangement and take this time to figure out what you want from your next one. Then go in pursuit of it.

Go Fish

There are plenty of well-suited fish in this sea and a whole lot who are waiting for your reply. Don’t neglect the ones who are interested in you. Check your messages, hunt for the ones that match your taste and don’t let a good one get away only because you are still reeling from a past arrangement.

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Whether the end of the arrangement came as a surprise or was in the offing; you need to know your worth to successfully move on. The right one will treat you like the queen you are!

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