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Are These Habits Keeping A Sugar Daddy At Bay?

Posted by | May 17, 2018

A young woman & a man

Are you sitting by the sugar bowl and starving? Your attitude may be to blame for it.

The best of us can get carried away and find ourselves acting outrageously—but if you truly want to enjoy the sweetness of the sugaring life, you’ve got be smart.

Here are the top habits that may be keeping sugar daddies at bay. Find out what they are and how to break these habits before they break the bank.

Greedy Baby – A sugar baby experience should be a mutually enjoyable experience for both of you. It should be a win-win situation where both parties get what they agreed on.

A sugar baby who is only interested in money from her man is easy to spot and will definitely be avoided by sugar daddies. It’s understandable that your allowance is your biggest concern but don’t let that make you greedy. Constant demands and asking for bigger allowances only put off a sugar daddy. Give him the great company and companionship promised so that you both can equally benefit from the relationship.

Princess Baby – You may be a princess in your head but projecting that on a sugar daddy and demanding to be treated like one won’t get you anywhere.

If you are trying to play hard-to-get by showing disinterest, you will see that attitude being reciprocated.

A Manipulative Baby

Work on having a fun and flirty attitude that is sure to catch a sugar daddy’s eye and always be respectful in any relationship.

Manipulative Baby – A sugar baby who uses threats, blackmail and tantrums to get what she demands will see any existing sugar daddy running for the door.

If you want something, there are better ways to get it. Be firm, be tactful and above all, be fair.

Fake Baby – Gone are the days where every man’s fantasy of a sugar baby was a human-sized sex doll.

You don’t have to be a blue-eyed blonde, dress skimpily, or say everything in a coquettish manner to get a man to be attracted to you. These traditional stereotypes have long been broken. Let your personality shine and be yourself. In the long run, being true to your self will become your USP.

Guilty of doing the deed? Now that you know everything about the deal-breakers and how to avoid them; visit these top sugar daddy websites to get back in the game.

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