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The Art Of Negotiation for Sugar Babies

Posted by | June 26, 2018

a beauty and what her bought

A successful sugar baby’s wardrobe may be filled with extravagant clothes, their weekly itineraries full of lavish dinners and their wallet flowing with cash—but there’s a lot that they did to achieve such a fancy lifestyle.

Knowing how to smartly steer conversations while negotiating an agreement with a new sugar daddy makes all the difference between building a mutually-beneficial relationship or one where the sugar baby finds herself at the end of a bad bargain.

Your time is money. Understanding that will help you know your worth and ensure you aren’t selling yourself low (pun intended). Whether you are sugar dating to enhance your lifestyle or pay for college, there is an art to playing the game and in this blog we will discuss just that.

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If You Don’t Ask, The Answer Will Always Be No

Many people often shy away from asking. If you are new to sugar dating, it may feel strange asking for money or negotiating a price but if you don’t ask, you risk a good opportunity for getting what you want. Make yourself comfortable. Understand that your time is worth money. After all, isn’t everything in life a transaction?

Give The First Date A Miss

Avoid discussing the monetary aspect of the relationship in the first date. Put your best foot forward and focus on impressing your date.

Let your date know that you are interested in getting to know each other before you discuss the terms and conditions. Concentrate on having a genuinely fun time and show him a side of you that keep him wanting more. If he’s truly interested, he will offer an allowance himself, at which point you can negotiate or settle.

Cheers with champagne

Your Phone’s Your Best Friend

While we are not the one to entertain urban legends; the shy ones among us would certainly like to believe that 93% of all communication is non-verbal.

If talking about money matters makes you squeamish, forgo the discussion during a meeting as your sugar daddy will be able to see through the hesitance. Instead, initiate the conversation over texts or phone calls. Remember to first evaluate your demands and make sure they are reasonable, before you dial his digits.

By charming your way in to your sugar daddy’s heart, you are likely to get much more from his pocket. Play your cards right and you are sure to find yourself in wonderfully beneficial relationships.

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