Reviews of the best sugar daddy websites on the web help you find the most suitable sugar daddy website.

  •                                              What is a sugar daddy?

    Sugar daddies are usually wealthy and successful men. They are usually busy professionals like doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, etc. They enjoy the companion of gorgeous, sweet and young sugar babies. They are always ready to support and pamper a sweetheart in exchange of being treated like a king and enjoy the sense of accomplishment. Money is not a problem for them. They are generous and willing to spend large amount of money to spoil their sugar babies.

  •                                              What is a sugar baby?

    Sugar babies are usually a young, beautiful girl who is willing to be in a relationship with an older , wealthy man for financial support or gifts or travel. They like all the finer things which money can bring, such as an exotic vacation, exotic gifts. They are looking for luxurious life style and expecting to meet rich guys.