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Signs It’s Time To Break Up With Your Sugar Daddy

Posted by | June 30, 2018

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The sugar life is rife with plenty of sugar but it takes a smart lady to know when the sugar has turned too sweet to handle. There are several reasons to cut the cord and move on in search of greener pastures. Understanding the difference between an intimate relation i.e. a serious relationship based on genuine emotions and one that’s based on material things i.e. a sugar relationship will help you draw the line when it comes to breaking up and hurt you less when it’s time to move on.

Here are some clear signs that your arrangement has run its course and it’s time to part ways.

Money Disputes

One of the main motivating factors of entering into a sugar relationship is money. If your man can no longer fulfill your needs in monetary terms and you feel like you have no reason to stay, you should either negotiate a raise or end the settlement.

Extra Commitments

Sugar daddies come in all shapes and sizes. If you find yourself a sugar daddy who wants to see you more frequently than you can handle, or one where your daddy is a commitment-phobe and is around less than you’d prefer; it may be a good time to move on.

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Some people enter in to sugar relationships because it gives them a break from existing stressful relationships. However, if your relationship starts to mirror those same types of relationships and you find it tough to rekindle the charm that you once had with your sugar daddy; it may be time to break away.

Morality Issues

It takes a lot of effort and determination to sustain a relationship that is often stigmatized by society. If you find yourself or your sugar daddy struggling to maintain a healthy relationship or letting outside influences cause a strain in your relationship, it is time to have a hard think over his moral dilemmas and yours (if any) and have the inevitable break up talk.

The end of one an agreement holds the promise of more exciting times ahead. While it may be tough to end your settlement; know that it’s the right thing to do and move on with your head high.

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