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How to Identify a Fake Sugar Daddy?

Posted by | August 26, 2015

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As a sugar baby, you can have lots of chance to meet wealthy men. However, the chances to meet men who are pretending to be wealthy sugar daddy is also high. Just as everyone knows that a man who has a big fortune is more competitive in the dating game --- they can make women be more confident in their ability to provide luxury life and financial support. Many men try and use this as their advantages and what’s worse, it often works.

Don’t become a victim of this sugar daddy scam. You have to know how to identify a scammer if you really want to find a sugar daddy who’s worthwhile. Below are some tips to teach you how to figure out real or fake sugar daddy.

What he is focusing on: If a sugar daddy is keep talking about sex, then you may flash a red flag to him unless you two have arranged this topic. However, if you are not interested in a pure physical relationship, be careful, since a man who concern sex more than anything else is probably just seeking sex, then he’ll pretend to be a sugar daddy until he gets it. You can try and change the subject to uncover his true intentions or even wait several days before initiating contact again. If he doesn’t find you again, then, you know the answer.

What he looks like: Please be aware of the photos he posted if you meet a man on sugar daddy websites. They might be fake if too professional or posed. Please do check a few photos of him before agreeing to meet offline. When you meet, please do remember to check if his appearance matches the photos he posted online. Please do not seek those men who even don’t have one photo on his sugar daddy dating sites profile.

What asserts he has: He may drive a luxury car but this doesn’t necessarily mean he’s successful and wealthy. It’s not difficult to rent a car these days. Don’t be lured by the high-end car and believe that he is a real sugar daddy. One of the effective ways is to go to his residence. Does he live in countryside manor or a flat? Does he own it or is he renting? This will be very helpful for you to judge how much money he owns.

What he behaves: A real sugar daddy won’t worry about money since he has the financial capability to spoil you and nothing is too much for him. He will definitely pay for the dinner bill, elaborately review receipts and supervise credit card statement that you should worry about before.

Be lucky in sugar daddy dating.

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