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The Great Debate: How To Be A Feminist Sugar Baby

Posted by | May 18, 2018

Feminist Sugar Baby

Feminism is a term that often gets a bad rep by being associated with blood-hungry, man-hating women. Owning to popular culture’s visualization of sugar babies, they have been categorized into stereotypical roles of beautiful young ladies, looking for men to fulfill their financial needs.

However, these misconceptions and limited views don’t mean the terms sugar baby and feminist cannot be used together. After all, feminism is the belief in the equality of both the sexes.

Modern feminists fighting the good fight are vocal advocates against judgment of women. These judgments range from a women’s choice of clothing, to her chosen career path to her preferred lifestyle.

Recently, we have seen the rise of Feminist Sugar babies who have used their work in the form of funds from sugar daddies as investments into new business ventures. Sugar babies have come a long way trying to break the stigma attached to their work. Now it’s time we shatter the negative connotations associated with becoming a Feminist Sugar baby.

If you wish to be a feminist sugar baby, you should be just that—and here’s how to do it.

Stronger together

The wave of feminist that’s washed over the US didn’t come about as a result of women sitting in their home judging and bad mouthing each other’s choices and views.

It happened when all of them united to demand for their rights; making the Women’s March the biggest of its kind in US history.

Unity is what makes us stronger. Similarly, the sugar baby community needs to come together, make themselves heard and fight for being treated with respect. As more and more people start to see your work in a positive light, the whole community will benefit from the respect, equality and high standards for engagements that come along with it.

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Equal Treatment

No matter what anyone says, you have to stand up for yourself and make sure any relationship you are engaged in is a 50/50 partnership. Don’t be intimidated by an older, rich man. Explicitly state your demands and what you aspire to accomplish while starting any new settlement. Whether it’s a business you want to start, or a degree you are working towards, make sure you receive as much as you are giving.

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High Self Esteem

Your feminist beliefs should not have to be compromised because of your line of work. Block out what others say about of you and keep your chin up. Feminism as a principal preaches the freedom for women to make her own choices about what she does with her life. So if this is your chosen path, take pride in it, reach your goals and show the world what a feminist sugar baby is capable of.

Be absolutely unapologetic about who you are and what you are do. Sure, people will scoff when you say you are a Feminist Sugar baby, but a few years from now, while they’d be drowning in loans, you’d be the CEO of your own company. Who’ll be scoffing then?

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