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What Do You Do After You Find Out That Your Sugar Daddy Is Lying to You?

Posted by | October 10, 2018

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Every relationship has a point where trusting each other gets to be an issue especially sugar daddy dating relationships, it is almost inevitable that this will certainly happen at some point in time. When some relationship reaches this stage, some prefer to call it a quit rather than take their time to work it out and make the relationship work. Don't ever forget that relationships are always stronger when obstacles are conquered.

In a Sugar Daddy Dating Relationship, your sugar daddy might choose not to reveal everything about himself to you. As a sugar baby, you don't need to take this for a lie or take it as an offense. It is important that you remember not to put pressure on your sugar daddy, that's the last thing he'll need from you as a sugar baby. But if in your relationship, you have definitely reached a point where your sugar daddy confides in you about everything and he seems to be comfortable with that because he seems to find comfort with you and you noticed he stopped doing that all of a sudden or he started telling you lies. The normal thing to do is to get worried, but worrying will put you in a difficult situation, instead of worrying, follow our guide to know what to do if you noticed that your sugar daddy is lying to you.

What to do If you find out your sugar is lying to you;

Instead of pressing him the more, Take a step back, Give him space.

At times sugar babies goes beyond their boundaries especially when the connection with their sugar daddy gets stronger. And through this, they begin to push their sugar daddy gradually to the wall and act as if they are married. Forgetting that their sugar daddy might have told a million lies at home to always create time for them. Every man wants 100 percent from whoever they married but if they are getting 60% they'll probably look for the 40% somewhere else. That 40% might be for romance, attention, care and intimacy. Mostly that's why they prefer sugar babies who would give them the 40% without much commitment. But when a sugar baby is requesting for the 60% that a sugar daddy is giving at home to his wife and probably children, this becomes difficult and he'll certainly see the need to start telling lies and gradually excusing himself.

So as a sugar baby, if you find out that your sugar daddy is lying to you, check if you've been too demanding of late, if so, take some steps Back. Don not leave him, but take some steps back and stop being demanding. He'll notice this, if he does, that's positive for you.

Don't make him feel like you know that he is Telling you Lies.

Some sugar babies go haywire when they notice that their sugar daddy is lying to them. The last thing a sugar daddy wants from a sugar baby is stress and dramatic behaviors. Don't give it to them if you want to enjoy them and you want them to keep providing for you. As a sugar baby, whenever you find out that your sugar daddy is lying to you, do not overreact, if you do, you'll send him away instantly. Just be patient and increase your goodness to him whenever you get to meet. If you two get to enjoy quiet time together and you feel he is totally at peace, you can chip in conversations such as this while looking into his eyes.

“Darling, I feel that you seemed to be so worried of late. I don't know if you get something going on in your mind that's really worrisome, you can actually confide in me, I can make it go away. A problem shared is a problem solved." and stuffs like that that can soften the heart of a man.”

I can tell you assuredly that if you don't act weird at the possibility of him telling you a lie, you'll probably have access to more of him than you've had in previous times. So instead of blowing hot air over him lying, be more kind and caring. With that you can get to the root and know if he is truly lying or not and if he is lying, you'll get to know the reason why.

Up your Game.

A sugar daddy can lie to you if he is getting better attention from another sugar baby. Don't forget that sugar daddies are so occupied with their jobs or businesses and when they come to you, they need the best that you can offer, if you stop doing that, another sugar baby will perhaps do anything to have them. So as a sugar baby, if you find out that he is lying, instead of being disappointed, why not up your game and see if he is only lying to you because you're slack.


Sugar dating is based on benefits. The sugar daddy gets to benefit and the sugar baby get to benefit, the truth is that commitment in sugar daddy dating relationships are limited to some extent. If you as the sugar baby is demanding more than your sugar daddy can give, you'll be making it difficult for him to keep up with you. He can only give the spare 40% he has. Don't ask for the remaining 60%. And in the worst case, if you notice that you have tried all the clues above and things are getting worse. You might want to go your own way and keep doing your own thing, do not call for his attention and don't be the one to end the relationship, he'll probably come back to you if he misses you.

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