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Why Stop Looking for a Sugar Daddy on Social Networks

Posted by | December 16, 2015

Craigslist vs Facebook vs Twitter vs Instagram

Having sugar daddies is not something new to ladies anymore. Sugar daddies are rich and successful older men who are willing to spend a lot of money on ladies whom they are dating (sometimes not dating). Many ladies prefer to go out with these older men for a wide variety of reasons ranging from security (financial and emotional), to their maturity.

Whatever your reason is, meeting them can turn out to be the most difficult part, with many young people resorting to social networks to create many of the connections in their lives, it only makes sense for them to look for sugar daddies there too (or does it?). Here are a few reasons to desist from that practice


Professional sugar daddies (and sugar babies) sites give an added layer of security – which is verification. Anyone can be anybody else on social network at no cost, all it takes is to upload the right picture and tell the right lies. Sadly, many girls have fallen into the hands of scammers, kidnappers and other criminals while trying to find a sugar daddy on websites like craigslist. The best sugar daddy websites verify every bit of information about their users; information like age, income, identity, occupation, etc. and they monitor activity to delete scammers and members who claim to be who they are not. This sort of verifications is not available on regular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the likes and could expose people to untold dangers which could get fatal.

Better Chances of Success

Sugar daddy dating sites are focused on their jobs (which is hooking up sugar daddies and sugar babies); and this focus makes it easier for them to achieve this singular aim. Social networks are invested in so many things at the same time, thereby diminishing the chances of successfully achieving one particular aim (in this case, finding a sugar daddy/baby)


Privacy is a big deal to everyone – a very big deal. If that is the case, looking for a sugar daddy out in the open is the polar opposite of that. Activities on social networks are public knowledge (forget what they told you); anyone can see what conversation is going on and sometimes the wrong people too. Everyone has family members on their social networking pages – family members whom they might not want finding out something like their interest in sugar daddies. Taking the search to sugar daddy dating sites keeps you secure; Only people interested in sugar dating can use these websites, so finding family members there who are witch hunting is impossible. It also helps people who could otherwise be blackmailed with information like this if it ever gets leaked. The best sugar daddy dating websites hire security personnel to endure the safety of the data of their users - something which social networks are not necessarily concerned about.

These reasons and myriads of others serve as a warning to keep your search for a sugar daddy off social networks. Sugar daddy dating sites are there to help you with your search - in the best way possible.

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