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Techniques of Figuring Out Fake Sugar Daddies Who Just Want Sex

Posted by | February 15, 2016

fake sugar daddy

Finding a sugar daddy can be difficult, even with the presence of sugar daddy sites that are designed to aid the process. You simply cannot trust every man that you meet on a sugar daddy website, since many of them will misrepresent themselves financially, as a means of saving the money that they would have spent on a high-class escort. Knowing how to figure out who the fake sugar daddies are who are merely looking for sex is important.

These tips are easy to follow and will help to keep the undesirables out of your inbox, so that you can focus on the ones who really matter.

1. Keep Your Profile Picture Clean

A genuine sugar daddy is not looking for the photos with all of your naughty parts exposed, they are looking for someone who is actually worthy of their time and their hard-earned money. Don't recreate the sexy pose you saw in a magazine for the benefit of lascivious strangers. The more provocative your photos are, the more likely you are to attract the wrong type of man. A true sugar daddy wants to see your class, not your......well, you get the point.

2. Put Your Substance on Display

When you create a profile on a sugar daddy website and all you list are your measurements, this leads fake sugar daddies to believe that all you want is sex. A real sugar daddy wants to see if you are intelligent, witty and goal oriented. They have choices and options and are not going to pick someone who thinks that they can use their wares to trap them.

3. Don't Engage in Sexual Talk

Sugar daddy sites are for people that seek a true connection, so if his initial correspondence with you has anything to do with sex, delete it quickly and move onto the next one. A sugar relationship is all about compatibility, not seeing how fast he can get you into the sack.

4. Make Your Intentions Clear

A sugar daddy relationship is no different from any other. You'll need to let it progress normally. A real sugar daddy wants to get to know you and asks about your likes and dislikes. A fake one simply wants to know your bra size and what time they can come over. If he's sincerely interested and you've made your intentions clear, then there should be zero confusion.

5. Be Well Rounded

If you're constantly talking about sex and being flirty, then he will assume that you have nothing else to offer. Take the time to display how well rounded you are. This deters fake sugar daddies, who are not going to put in the time that it will take to trick you into bed. The more traits you showcase, the better your chances of snagging a real sugar daddy.

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