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Online Dating Safety Tips For Sugar

Posted by | June 15, 2015

1. A basic rule to keep in mind for sugaring is that keep your personal information private, including your phone number, working place and home address. Post this information won't bring you more opportunities in sugar, on the contrary, it will easily attract a lot of harassment, then scammers followed.

However, you always have to share something about yourself when you are feeling good with someone, which derives a new problem: What time can you put down the guard? The answer is ‘crime cost’. You can make a basic judgment upon the cost of scam base on the cost of talking to you on the platform you exist. As all we know that sugar baby always has some free ways to join the sugar daddy dating platforms, but on some places, guys must have to purchase before they can talk to others, which is a peremptory rule. If it's really cost some money, then it has obviously distinguished out automatically the actual rich men and most catfish.

2. It sounds banality but always trust your instincts.

3. Reporting scammers is a good way. If you realized that you met a scammer, the best way you can do is that report him immediately as a feedback then stop the communication and block him to avoid extra contact.

3.1 If someone shows interest in your financial info and keep asking for your bank account details, obviously it's a scam. Real sugar daddy won't focus too much on the payment methods and would certainly be willing to use PayPal.
3.2 Be aware of their manners. Shows of rudeness or attempts to pressure or threaten you should set off alarm bells.

4. Don't give out any unnecessary personal info, even if you are getting ready to meet someone.

5. Be sure to know the several common solicitations below:

5.1 Help with financial management
5.2 It's needed for his bank card manager
5.3 Charitable contributions
5.4 Transaction fee before you received the monies

Your safety is more important than worrying about your own attractions.