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How to Be A Gentleman on the First Date?

Posted by | May 5, 2015

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Don't be anxious to appear a gentleman if you indeed want to be a gentleman, just watch your behavior calmly and confidently, keep a good manner all the time during your date.

Firstly, a cultured gentleman is poised, looks like have precautions to meet any situation.

To reach this point, careful preparation for this date would be a good way to avoid anything going wrong. If you want a quiet and comfortable place to draw all her attention to yourself and have certainly confidence at communication and sense of humor, a chic cafe would be a good choice. Not a Starbucks or other open-air coffee shop, pick a place that has convenient transportation and elegant surroundings will give her a good impression of you even before you two actual meet each other. If you want a formal occasion like a French restaurant, a candlelight dinner, with violin accompaniment, would be a romantic and memorable dating experience. No matter which place you choose to meet, make sure you have cleared the route, if it's not a restaurant you frequently go, you should try to be familiar with it: How to park, if you have to pay for parking, if it's needed to make a reservation, and etc.

Be neatly dressed.

Dress style should match the place of dating, since you've picked up a nice place to give her a good impression of you as a gentleman, you won't go bar or nightclub, drop your jeans and T-shirt into the wardrobe. Dress casual or suit & tie, it's very first important to be clean, take good care your beard (if you have), clean shoes and groomed hair.

Have a good time when in conversation.

Try to ask open ended question, such as “What led you to this filed?” follows “What kind of work do you do now?”, be a good listener. If she's an outgoing and talkative person, keep a basic conversation etiquette that no random interruption. If she's kind of shy or nervous, give her time to talk and gently guide, let her feel respected and loved.

Get acquainted ask question to know each other further but would better don’t smother or make her feel too close behind her. And watch the border of the privacy, don’t hit the bottom line.

Pay attention to the speed of speaking, courteous and give her advisable compliments between whiles. Have a good sense of humor and often make her laugh, whenever you think it should break ice at this time.

Plus, little tips:

1) Get there a little earlier, she would be happy for feeling valued.

2) Send a warm greeting and don't forget your smile, however, don't do over.

3) No woman can control herself without a smile when she receives a rose.

4) After helping her to her seat then you take yours, like in movies.

5) Watch your body language and keep eye contact.

6) Turn your mobile phone to vibration mode and try not to use it often.

7) Don’t expect too much on the first date.

8) Don’t be pushy if she really wants to back home alone, just end the date with a soft kiss to cheek.

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