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The Do's and Don't's of Dating Rich Men on Millionaire Match

Posted by | May 08, 2013

It is quite common for a dating site, that mixed with high quality 'princes' and poor 'frogs', especially there are more girls than guys compare to other kind of dating site. Besides, girls here are looking for support and kind of sponsorship that would be more careless if girls are too anxious. Thus, there may be many girls got nothing here, or be harassed and tired of this matter if still can't find their real sugar daddy. This blog will give you some tips of the do’s and don’t’s things, now here we go.


-Do establish many communications with members on millionaire match. Communication is the key to distinguish between good and bad of a person, is the point that sugar babies and sugar daddies need the most. It won't take a long time if you want to weed out the liar, as they always target one thing, scam. All people you meet, who are only interested in '$', how to send you the allowance then keep asking your bank details.

-Do be honest about your age. Put your real age when you create the profile, because some men told me they are upset for women who lie about their ages, when I interviewed these men. Be honest with others if you want them to be honest with you as well. Not every man like 20 years old girls, your age may be your advantage that let them feel you are more experienced and clever.

-Do allow men to meet you. If you have been talking to a man for a while prior, there's nothing wrong to see him, that's for you to get to know him, and they need to have chance to get to know you as well. Any successful sugar daddy relationships are based on knowing each other for sure, so there will be formed a mutual trust. If there's a need that you'd fly to another city or country to see him, you must be careful about the safety of yourself.

-Do talk about your hobbies. It's a nice topic when you chat with someone you have interests, to talk about each other's hobbies. It would be easy for you to ask open ended questions and get to know their personality and temperament from another way. But the thing is, just talk about the real things you are interested in, not something that doesn't exist. Since some women will think that if they pretend that they have the hobbies that men would be interested in, well, they'll get spoiled for sure... Telling lies is not a permanent solution, you always need more lies to make the former one looks real, one day all lies will be exposed, which is a bad feeling for the person who be cheated no matter how nonsense the lie is.


-Don't send the sexy photo of yourself to the one you just meet.

-Don't tell anyone your personal info unless you've made sure that he will be your sugar daddy and there are some emergency or especial things that is necessary to use.

-Don't take others' any financial advice if they need your bank info.

-Don't accept anyone's demands like having a phone/video sex before they become your sugar daddies for sure.

-Don't trust everything they tell, not just a new man you meet, but also your sugar daddies. I mean don't assume anyone is always honest, the very first and most important is your own safety.

-Don't except your sugar daddy to become your boyfriend or couple of your life.

They may have married and divorced, and they may have children, children will always come first, they just want to seek companionship so you just want financial support in return, only.