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Tips for UK Students on How To Land & Keep A Sugar Daddy

Posted by | November 23, 2016

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Life can be pretty hard for UK students. They have to deal with not only the ever-increasing tuition fees but also skyrocketing rent. Therefore, it’s no surprise that now an increasing number of the students are trading on their sex appeal and turning to different sugar daddy websites so as to be able to supplement their student grants.

This type of arrangement sees a young woman being provided the chance to earn some money in return for companionship. The so-called babies normally accompany their sugar daddies to favorite UK pastimes like dancing, drinking, football matches, and functions plus restaurants as well as weekends away, and nights in hotels, among others.

But how can you land and keep your sugar daddy UK?

Well, there are several rules for hooking and dating a sugar daddy who’s already attached. This includes being discreet and holding back your feelings. You have to be both sophisticated and devilishly fun to be with. And then you’d also want, at some point in the relationship to receive a “pay rise”. How can you manage that feat? Read on.

Note that when seeking a sugar daddy, you should be much more upfront when compared to a normal dating website. Sometimes you might say on the normal profile that you love long walks on a sandy beach, while the potential sugar daddy just needs someone conservative and blonde, with a degree, having a set of manners which he may be able to present to his business partners. But what is important for such kind of relationship is that both parties should be able to agree on what each expects. The student may ask to be bought for her flat, or go shopping every week, and some spa treatment in the bargain. Reaching an amicable agreement is quite important. 

Tips for every new sugar baby

So before you jump up and say “sugar daddy for me”, the following tips may help you:

The UK students shouldn’t enter this kind of sugar baby lifestyle if they are in desperate need. You should remember that there’s usually some relationship involved. It’s not some quick cash at the beginning!

You should not flip-flop when it comes to your arrangement once it begins.

It’s important for you to check on the sugar daddy’s details before you agree to a date. Be certain he’ll also be checking yours.

What it takes to be a sugar baby and keep your sugar daddy?

As has been mentioned before, you should both be sophisticated and very fun to be with. Majority of these sugar daddies are just searching for an escape from their normal daily lives. They also require someone presentable. You might never know who you are going to run into!

On your first date, never talk about money. You’re in some delicate balance between being aloof and appearing very attracted to your potential sugar daddy. And never talk about health or body issues, right?

As a sugar baby, you ought to remember your task is doing the things his wife may not have the energy or time to do, like going to cinema, sailing or dancing, or having a night out in the city or town.

Quick Tips on Dating Married UK Sugar Daddies

You shouldn’t be the one to call, even when it is his cellphone. And surely don’t call his home number.

When he misses a date understand. You should keep any kind of drama at an absolute minimum.

You're going to be his confidant. Therefore, listen when there are issues at home and try helping him to resolve them.

Do not wear strong lipstick that will stain or perfume

How to Upgrade Your Allowance?

You should approach this like you’d a raise at work. Thus, think of the reasoning and justification.

Like have the frequency of your contact or meetings increased? Directly requesting for an upgrade in the allowance after getting the first instalment may be construed as unappreciative. This is highly discouraged. The way you ask should be part of the art. You can tactfully do this during a sexy holiday together, or during a spa visit when romance is in the air, and both of you are alone and you may remind him how much you enjoy his company.

Bigger allowance raises require some bigger reasons, like moving cities to be closer to him or agreeing to exclusively see him. But when you have some specific goals like buying a home or getting your Master’s degree, sugar daddies are sometimes happy raising the allowance when you two have been together for some long period of time.

Remember that he’s not required to amend any kind of agreement as per your requirements. Rather, this is a request to revisit the arrangement terms.

And good luck with your sugar daddy UK!

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