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Why Many Asian Sugar Babies Prefer American or Canadian Sugar Daddies?

Posted by | June 12, 2016

Asian sugar baby and sugar daddy

Nowadays, more and more Asian ladies go to America or Canada for study. However, not every one of them are the “affluent 2nd generation”. Some of them have to work to support themselves while studying in school. Unfortunately, the income is hard to be balanced with high tuition and life cost. Some of them turn to sugar daddies in local for help. Asian Sugar babies in America or Canada are mostly Chinese, then Korean, Japanese, Indian, Filipino and Thais.

Yes, the stubborn prejudice on American or Canadian sugar daddies have been changed. He is no longer a wheelchair-bound old man. They are much younger successful, charming men with fortune and humor. They’d be very happy to be accompanied by young, attractive, smart, gorgeous and sexy ladies with whom they can relax and lavish.

American sugar daddies in modern time are around 35 years old and their annual income is about $300,000; The allowances they can give sugar babies are about $5,000 a month or over $60,000 per year. The new era Canadian sugar daddies are about 37 years old and makes about $280,000 and the monthly allowance he can give sugar baby is $4,000.

An Asian female student, studying in Miami, aged 22-year-old showed the public a documentary that her gentlemen companions are willing to offer her an allowance of between $10,000 to $20,000 every month. She announced, “my sugar daddies have given me cars, trips, jewelry. These guys will drive you out and chase you. They support me financially. I realized my dream after my parents stopped supporting me when I was 18.” She met several men and they are all willing to pay her college fees in exchange of relationships. “They can’t help seeing you struggling on the early part of your life. They want to help you.

Now you see the reason, American and Canadian sugar daddies in not only wealthy but generous. They have positive attitude. There are other billionaire clients and there are also plenty of men whose revenue is about $650,000 - $800,000 but they only spend a couple of grand each month. It’s all about attitude.

The other reason why Asian sugar babies prefer American sugar daddies is that they can get the green card by marrying a guy in local. People share good welfare in America and Canada. And the Americans and Canadians are open-minded. Asian girls like the freedom and equal human rights in these countries. Some Asian girls want to become a member of these countries just because they love these countries.

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