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4 Ways to Make an Eye Catching First Impression in Online Dating

Posted by | July 23, 2015

4 ways to make a good first impression online

1. The very first & most: Be who you are

Honesty and trustfulness are the foundation of everything, the key of forming any kinds of relationships, not only traditional lasting relationship, but also sugar daddy dating. You may know some people who like to Photoshop their pictures, lie about their real age, real job and create a relatively perfect individual to attract others. Except those scammers who are always using fake profiles, lying about own profile are not the expression that they want to protect their privacy, but lack of confidence and sincerity. If you really care about your privacy, you can make your profile private, including photos of you and any information you don't want in nude. It can be actualized in many sugar daddy dating apps or sites as I know such as Sugar Daddy Meet, Seeking Arrangement, as long as you got the premium membership there, those platforms would protect your privacy for good and that's not a big deal for Real sugar daddy / sugar baby. In addition, if you want someone's honesty, you need to show it firstly. Tell others your real personality and hobbies while the one to one conversation, otherwise it would leave a badly negative impression to others as lies will always be exposed.

2. Watch the timing

Everything has the timing if it be wanted to success, no exception in your online dating. If there's someone sending you a message (or email), it's best to check it while you receiving the push. It's nothing if you miss the message the one you have none interest. But if it's the one you liked, they'll be happy to see your prompt respond and it's always a good timing to communicate deeper.

3. First meeting

First thing first, protect yourself. You must note several things below:

* Don't give your bank info to anyone, if there's any kind of transactions you two made the deal, use PayPal, instead of bank or credit card, no matter you are a sugar daddy or sugar baby.

* Don't tell your specific address or other privacy info before you've met and trusted them.

* It takes the time if you want get to know a person, you can talk to someone on the platform you meet them at first, then arrange a video chat before the meeting in reality.

* Meeting in a public place and watch the time.

* It's better to have a coffee or dinner, instead of the nightclub at the first meeting.

* It's better to avoid drinking and take a taxi to back home on your own.

If anything goes well on the internet, you two may think you've already got to know each other yet lack of a sense of reality, it will lead to a real meeting, or dating, if you think so.

4. First impression

People are considered to be more attractive when they are enjoying a good time, to get this, posture, body language, outfit, scent / perfume combine with the facial features would form a first physical impression, which is a good beginning if you take care yourself well.

Since you two are not stranger for each other, I guess you must have known the topics you two would both be interested in, just talk to them calmly and maybe little affectionately. Smile all the time, if you are feeling really happy smiling would be naturally revealed, you can see their actual reaction when you have eye contact.

You can ask anything you like, but before that it's better to make them clear that you're not a person who likes to pry into others' privacy. It'd be a wonderful experience to share your life to someone you like, or listen to his/her life, but it also can be awkward if you too reckless too abrupt to let other understand your real intention.

In-short, whenever you’re ready to see your date object in reality, make sure you’ve took good care of yourself and kept your confidence and passion for this dating. You never know the way it would gonna be, any kind of relationship start from here, first impression then turns to mutual acquaintance, sugar daddy dating needs mutual respect and benefit. From this point, you never know if it would lead to a long-term relationship as well.

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