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Sugar Daddy Dating Tips

4 Ways to Make an Eye Catching First Impression in Online Dating
Posted by | July 23, 2015

4 ways to make a good first impression online

1. The very first & most: Be who you are

Honesty and trustfulness are the foundation of everything, the key of forming any kinds of relationships, not only traditional lasting relationship, but also sugar daddy dating. You may know some people who like to Photoshop their pictures, lie about their real age, real job and create a relatively perfect individual to attract others. Except those scammers who are always using fake profiles, lying about own profile are not the expression that they want to protect their privacy, but lack of confidence and sincerity. If you really care about your privacy, you can make your profile private, including photos of you and any information you don't want in nude. It can be actualized in many sugar daddy dating apps or sites as I know such as Sugar Daddy Meet, Seeking Arrangement, as long as you got the premium membership there, those platforms would protect your privacy for good and that's not a big deal for Real sugar daddy / sugar baby. In addition, if you want someone's honesty, you need to show it firstly. Tell others your real personality and hobbies while the one to one conversation, otherwise it would leave a badly negative impression to others as lies will always be exposed.

2. Watch the timing

Everything has the timing if it be wanted to success, no exception in your online dating. If there's someone sending you a message (or email), it's best to check it while you receiving the push. It's nothing if you miss the message the one you have none interest. But if it's the one you liked, they'll be happy to see your prompt respond and it's always a good timing to communicate deeper.

3. First meeting

First thing first, protect yourself. You must note several things below:

* Don't give your bank info to anyone, if there's any kind of transactions you two made the deal, use PayPal, instead of bank or credit card, no matter you are a sugar daddy or sugar baby.

* Don't tell your specific address or other privacy info before you've met and trusted them.

* It takes the time if you want get to know a person, you can talk to someone on the platform you meet them at first, then arrange a video chat before the meeting in reality.

* Meeting in a public place and watch the time.

* It's better to have a coffee or dinner, instead of the nightclub at the first meeting.

* It's better to avoid drinking and take a taxi to back home on your own.

If anything goes well on the internet, you two may think you've already got to know each other yet lack of a sense of reality, it will lead to a real meeting, or dating, if you think so.

4. First impression

People are considered to be more attractive when they are enjoying a good time, to get this, posture, body language, outfit, scent / perfume combine with the facial features would form a first physical impression, which is a good beginning if you take care yourself well.

Since you two are not stranger for each other, I guess you must have known the topics you two would both be interested in, just talk to them calmly and maybe little affectionately. Smile all the time, if you are feeling really happy smiling would be naturally revealed, you can see their actual reaction when you have eye contact.

You can ask anything you like, but before that it's better to make them clear that you're not a person who likes to pry into others' privacy. It'd be a wonderful experience to share your life to someone you like, or listen to his/her life, but it also can be awkward if you too reckless too abrupt to let other understand your real intention.

In-short, whenever you’re ready to see your date object in reality, make sure you’ve took good care of yourself and kept your confidence and passion for this dating. You never know the way it would gonna be, any kind of relationship start from here, first impression then turns to mutual acquaintance, sugar daddy dating needs mutual respect and benefit. From this point, you never know if it would lead to a long-term relationship as well. [read more]

Online Dating Safety Tips For Sugar
Posted by | June 15, 2015

1. A basic rule to keep in mind for sugaring is that keep your personal information private, including your phone number, working place and home address. Post this information won't bring you more opportunities in sugar, on the contrary, it will easily attract a lot of harassment, then scammers followed.

However, you always have to share something about yourself when you are feeling good with someone, which derives a new problem: What time can you put down the guard? The answer is ‘crime cost’. You can make a basic judgment upon the cost of scam base on the cost of talking to you on the platform you exist. As all we know that sugar baby always has some free ways to join the sugar daddy dating platforms, but on some places, guys must have to purchase before they can talk to others, which is a peremptory rule. If it's really cost some money, then it has obviously distinguished out automatically the actual rich men and most catfish.

2. It sounds banality but always trust your instincts.

3. Reporting scammers is a good way. If you realized that you met a scammer, the best way you can do is that report him immediately as a feedback then stop the communication and block him to avoid extra contact.

3.1 If someone shows interest in your financial info and keep asking for your bank account details, obviously it's a scam. Real sugar daddy won't focus too much on the payment methods and would certainly be willing to use PayPal.
3.2 Be aware of their manners. Shows of rudeness or attempts to pressure or threaten you should set off alarm bells.

4. Don't give out any unnecessary personal info, even if you are getting ready to meet someone.

5. Be sure to know the several common solicitations below:

5.1 Help with financial management
5.2 It's needed for his bank card manager
5.3 Charitable contributions
5.4 Transaction fee before you received the monies

Your safety is more important than worrying about your own attractions. [read more]

How to Be A Gentleman on the First Date?
Posted by | May 5, 2015

sugar baby love money

Don't be anxious to appear a gentleman if you indeed want to be a gentleman, just watch your behavior calmly and confidently, keep a good manner all the time during your date.

Firstly, a cultured gentleman is poised, looks like have precautions to meet any situation.

To reach this point, careful preparation for this date would be a good way to avoid anything going wrong. If you want a quiet and comfortable place to draw all her attention to yourself and have certainly confidence at communication and sense of humor, a chic cafe would be a good choice. Not a Starbucks or other open-air coffee shop, pick a place that has convenient transportation and elegant surroundings will give her a good impression of you even before you two actual meet each other. If you want a formal occasion like a French restaurant, a candlelight dinner, with violin accompaniment, would be a romantic and memorable dating experience. No matter which place you choose to meet, make sure you have cleared the route, if it's not a restaurant you frequently go, you should try to be familiar with it: How to park, if you have to pay for parking, if it's needed to make a reservation, and etc.

Be neatly dressed.

Dress style should match the place of dating, since you've picked up a nice place to give her a good impression of you as a gentleman, you won't go bar or nightclub, drop your jeans and T-shirt into the wardrobe. Dress casual or suit & tie, it's very first important to be clean, take good care your beard (if you have), clean shoes and groomed hair.

Have a good time when in conversation.

Try to ask open ended question, such as “What led you to this filed?” follows “What kind of work do you do now?”, be a good listener. If she's an outgoing and talkative person, keep a basic conversation etiquette that no random interruption. If she's kind of shy or nervous, give her time to talk and gently guide, let her feel respected and loved.

Get acquainted ask question to know each other further but would better don’t smother or make her feel too close behind her. And watch the border of the privacy, don’t hit the bottom line.

Pay attention to the speed of speaking, courteous and give her advisable compliments between whiles. Have a good sense of humor and often make her laugh, whenever you think it should break ice at this time.

Plus, little tips:

1) Get there a little earlier, she would be happy for feeling valued.
2) Send a warm greeting and don't forget your smile, however, don't do over.
3) No woman can control herself without a smile when she receives a rose.
4) After helping her to her seat then you take yours, like in movies.
5) Watch your body language and keep eye contact.
6) Turn your mobile phone to vibration mode and try not to use it often.
7) Don’t expect too much on the first date.
8) Don’t be pushy if she really wants to back home alone, just end the date with a soft kiss to cheek. [read more]

Top 7 Sugar Baby Profile Tips to Standout
Posted by | October 30, 2014

Quality over quantity

Quality over quantity should be your goal while sugaring. It’s better for you to spend one hour a day on a potential sugar daddy than waste more time on searching, browsing, picking a ‘right’ sugar baby and send bulk greetings to many guys ended up missing some of them. Anything in excess is usually a bad thing. It's just like weight off, if you focus too many targets at the same time then you'll feel it's slow to see the results, most people choose to give up as their motivation are gone. One day you want to lose weight again, then give up - restart - give up - endless loop... If you put this into consideration as well while you're sugaring, you'll increase your odds of success considerably.

Unique content

"I'm a people person, down-to-earth, have sense of humor.", "I like dancing.", "I'm an animal lover." Same, same, same. Frequently-used narrative profiles are hard to impress others, they may ignore what you wrote after browsing the other two or three profiles. Personality or hobby, whatever you want to show, try another way of expression that catch others' eyes to fill it in.


Writing something eye catching to grab potential sugar daddies' attention, no just straight words like "I need a sugar daddy", "looking for a sugar daddy, message me", too boring to let others look forward to view further. Sex appeal always the very effective for leading men by the nose, find that 'sugar' spot and add it to your profile headline. I'd give you one - "Sucking on your lollipop I'll never let you down"...

Clear what do you want

'Profile' is not just about yourself, it's clever if you write clearly that which type of sugar baby are you and what type of sugar daddy you want to look for. You can weed out mostly mismatch sugar daddy and appeal to a potential sugar daddy who is the type you really like. It also works in allowance thingy, give a specific range or a 'negotiable allowance' if you want.

Don't be restricted to location

Rich men are everywhere, you can surely not only search your sugar daddy nearby, but also long-distance men. Business men are always visit other cities or countries for work, maybe they want there's someone can wait their arrival and you'll be arranged a trip to have fun.

A note tips

Profile pictures selection

Post pictures is a straight way to draw someone's attention because visual impact is the most intuitive, compare to read the content, most people tend to check the pictures first. Choose a 'good' picture, you must be wise, first thing is that you want to be noticed by your potential sugar daddy so the photo must be attractive. But don't make it looks vulgarity or too dirty, that would leave a bad impression of you on the contrary and pull down your value. Then it's better for your further communication if you choose your photo 'honestly', I mean someone prefer to make a perfect photo to looks like celebrity, but a successful sugar daddy relationship always needs to date in person. Be yourself, smart as you, think out what types your potential sugar daddy would like and show your most charming spot.

Sugar baby competition

A very useful little trick to stand out from the crowd is that, size up other sugar babies profiles, those who are same types as you. Age, location, style, etc can become your judgment elements. Read at least half dozen profiles, you'll fine most girls are not good at take care of their profiles, they're basically the same. Think out what factor makes you unique and standout, then highlight that point.

Combine with the tips above, using this little trick can easily create a perfect profile of you, now let's start to sugar! [read more]

Rich Men Dating Younger Women Is known As Sugar Daddy Dating
Posted by | March 03, 2014

"The rich dating the poor" is nothing new, but it has long been associated with snobbishness, disgrace and disrepute for a long time, because the great differences of social class, status and life conditions between both sides in this kind of dating formed a sharp contrast. The notion that women should 'marry up' endured well past the heyday of British gentry, as that's the only way that women can reach the upper-class status instead of born to be. Then it seems reverse immediately in the new century that if a woman dating or marry a upper class men there would always be gossips or attacks from people around and even public. These obsolete views which belittle women and ignore the actual emotions of human being like the dross during the progress of human thoughts, ended up would be wiped. Since today we can see, growing numbers of women and men are fall in love with each other, then marring neither up nor down & they're just marrying the right person.

In recent decade, it has been given the terminology of 'Sugar daddy dating' for a young attractive woman dating a wealthy man who are usually way older than her. People seems to start to look this relationship on positive way. It's kind of interesting when a person of significantly lesser means, who is then experience a great change in lifestyle suddenly, could they easily go back to a middle-class existence?

The appearance of sugar daddy dating tells us that somewhat more mature people interested in showing young attractive but middle class people a more affluent lifestyle, which is exactly they have only dreamed of, for mutual beneficial reasons. Get companionship in return.

In most cases, the difference lies in their social-economic position, rich dating a person of lesser means be gradually accepted by people, along with other niche dating types except of sugar daddy dating.

It doesn't mean that traditional type of relationship would gradually be not accepted, traditional relationships are still mainstream now, but we need to know that any type of dating could be leaded into a long-term relationship even marriage. Just like I said above, they into each other neither up nor down, they're just into the right person. There are many examples in sugar daddy dating world, people need to know each other through communication, to see if the other is the right target to spoil / company. Sometimes some chemistry occurs between a young woman and a upscale gentleman, like some kind of educational experience. Broaden her mind and vision, travel around the world, live a life that she may have only seen in movies... That's the most interesting part, her reactions to this fascinating lifestyle always determine her future and this relationship's ending.

Plus, not matter whether it is the rich dating the poor, rich dating another rich, or the middle class dating the middle class, dating is based on both respect and understanding. Like-minded people will eventually come together, however, rudeness and prejudice lead any kind of relationship to failure. [read more]

The Do's and Don't's of Dating Rich Men on Millionaire Match
Posted by | May 08, 2013

It is quite common for a dating site, that mixed with high quality 'princes' and poor 'frogs', especially there are more girls than guys compare to other kind of dating site. Besides, girls here are looking for support and kind of sponsorship that would be more careless if girls are too anxious. Thus, there may be many girls got nothing here, or be harassed and tired of this matter if still can't find their real sugar daddy. This blog will give you some tips of the do’s and don’t’s things, now here we go.


-Do establish many communications with members on millionaire match. Communication is the key to distinguish between good and bad of a person, is the point that sugar babies and sugar daddies need the most. It won't take a long time if you want to weed out the liar, as they always target one thing, scam. All people you meet, who are only interested in '$', how to send you the allowance then keep asking your bank details.

-Do be honest about your age. Put your real age when you create the profile, because some men told me they are upset for women who lie about their ages, when I interviewed these men. Be honest with others if you want them to be honest with you as well. Not every man like 20 years old girls, your age may be your advantage that let them feel you are more experienced and clever.

-Do allow men to meet you. If you have been talking to a man for a while prior, there's nothing wrong to see him, that's for you to get to know him, and they need to have chance to get to know you as well. Any successful sugar daddy relationships are based on knowing each other for sure, so there will be formed a mutual trust. If there's a need that you'd fly to another city or country to see him, you must be careful about the safety of yourself.

-Do talk about your hobbies. It's a nice topic when you chat with someone you have interests, to talk about each other's hobbies. It would be easy for you to ask open ended questions and get to know their personality and temperament from another way. But the thing is, just talk about the real things you are interested in, not something that doesn't exist. Since some women will think that if they pretend that they have the hobbies that men would be interested in, well, they'll get spoiled for sure... Telling lies is not a permanent solution, you always need more lies to make the former one looks real, one day all lies will be exposed, which is a bad feeling for the person who be cheated no matter how nonsense the lie is.


-Don't send the sexy photo of yourself to the one you just meet.

-Don't tell anyone your personal info unless you've made sure that he will be your sugar daddy and there are some emergency or especial things that is necessary to use.

-Don't take others' any financial advice if they need your bank info.

-Don't accept anyone's demands like having a phone/video sex before they become your sugar daddies for sure.

-Don't trust everything they tell, not just a new man you meet, but also your sugar daddies. I mean don't assume anyone is always honest, the very first and most important is your own safety.

-Don't except your sugar daddy to become your boyfriend or couple of your life.

They may have married and divorced, and they may have children, children will always come first, they just want to seek companionship so you just want financial support in return, only. [read more]

Seven Guides for a New Sugar Baby
Posted by | May 03, 2013

1) Photos in your profile. It’s better if you put more than one picture on your profile, make it two or beyond two, show your face and your body clearly. A travel or vacation photo with beautiful sight would be better than a casual self-portrait in your messy bedroom or bathroom.

Nice pictures would form a nice impression of you, if it’s philistinism or disordered, people who see it will feel you an idiotic girl, at least not worthy of precious.

2) Some rich men or those of a different background don’t want to show everyone exactly who they are, but most men would not mind giving you something to prove their income. Ask them for verification. When they give you a picture you can simply do your Google search, there would be some results in Google Image if they use a fake picture from internet (Or TinEye - a useful reverse image search). And their driver’s license combine with the photo of him will help you find out if they are real.

3) Phone call. If you meet a sugar daddy and you two decide to keep in touch all the time, find a way out to solve the contact problem. Why? Because you may have a boyfriend or other relationships, it would be awkward or make some troubles if others see the messages of you two as there are some men who like send Very Detailed message... You know what I mean.

Buy a prepaid card to message or use a specific platform like Skype to video, but it’s more expensive to call on prepaid phones so if your sugar daddy is a ‘gentleman’ at any time, you can consider calling him directly as well.

4) Don’t decide your allowance on the first meeting. First date should be an ordinary meeting as you still can’t fully trust a man you have never meet in person, in case you jump into the sack. Talking with him to get to know your date better and decide if he is the right one who can be your sugar daddy, not to decide your allowance immediately. If things go well, you need to offer something as well in sugar daddy dating relationship, so you must make sure you find the one who can support you for good, and then that’s the timing to decide your allowance.

If your sugar daddy is the one who propose specific amount of the allowance, accept it if it’s not far from what you expect. You have time to negotiate it in the future.

5) Observe every detail of your date. A rich man may be understated in their outfits or car, but it's different with cheap absolutely. If he wears $20 T-shirt and arrange you a low-end restaurant, don't deceive yourself that he is testing you, there is no need a sugar daddy using this way to test their sugar baby. Just stop further contact with this guy, he's poor no matter if he has ever cheated or scammed you, thus it's obviously that this guy could not become your sugar daddy.

6) Keep your passport info private. If there’s someone want you to fly to another place to meet them and they’ll pay all expenses, the right way is they buy the ticket or send you money to buy it on your own. If he asks for your passport? No way, he’s a scammer. If he is willing to fly to your place first, would be more credible.

7) Little by little. It’s not difficult to find a sugar daddy and it also takes some time. You may fail several times at first, but let it be your experience and become more intelligent.

Have patience, honey. [read more]

How to Find Your Sugar Daddy in Sugar Parties
Posted by | August 12, 2012

The Fifty Shades of LA: Sugar Masquerade Ball, a sugar party in reality, and what happened here? Some sugar babies handle it well and achieve their goals perfectly. How to snag an ideal Sugar Daddy if you are there? What do you need to prepare before attending this kind of sugar parties? Is there anything you must do or avoid during the party time? Let me talk about this.

How to find your sugar daddy on parties

How you dress

There's "dress to impress" on the invitation of the Sugar Party. So how to impress others by dressing? I believe everyone has the different answers. However, anyone has only one chance, one night for show, how well you dress is more important than how much is it. You must have seen many celebrities walking the red carpet at some fashion GALA or film festival, some of them stunning always, some of them, well, often to dress like a joke... If you observe carefully, you'll find that some types of dress never make mistakes.

In the views of design, form fitting but not over-revealing, in case that you look cheap and less popular. Make best use of the advantages, show your most beautiful part of your body and avoid your shortcomings.

Plus, remember that leave enough room to the imagination, catch the eyes of the people around you.

In the views of color, black is always the best. Black is the color of elegant and grace. At this kind of occasion, girls will try every way possible to be impressive, dressed with multicolored, you'll be stand out like a shining black rose in a white garden, one of kind.

Sugar Baby Competition

There are approximately beyond 10 sugar babies for every sugar daddy in any given area, and on some sugar daddy dating sites and apps, the ratio of sugar baby members and sugar daddy members is 9 VS 1. It means that there is always fierce competition among sugar babies. But you don't have to be catty at this party, in spite of expecting that ratio will be as low as possible here. It just never hurts to make friends with other sugar babies, who have the same goal as you, may had ever encountered the same predicaments, listen to their stories, seek advice from experienced sugar babies.

Be Moderate

It's a party you can eat & drink, however, you should know when enough is enough. You come here to make friends and may fortunately find your potential sugar daddy by using your talent rather than having a banquet, you need a little self-control. It's up to you to back alone or go to another place and turn you on after the party. You'll meet many gentlemen here, they're all good at 'vanity project', well, which also part of social skills, how close you stand to someone you are talking to, how you act when you two meet or part, and all the niceties of dinner party conversation... But don't assume they are hard to get, you just talking and acting like a socialite, making some eye contact with men, they may give you a clue that where you can go after the party, then further communicate with you.

Any topic about allowance are not recommended at party, wrong timing. It's a good opportunity to introduce yourself in person but the sense of vague will be destroyed if you bring up the allowance to make it commercially.

Active Offense

Now you know it's a race, a given competition among all the sugar babies at this party. You can't just stand there like a doll and waiting for someone to come to you first. You're not Cinderella it's not Disney movies. You need to take offense and keep talking to others to make you hot. People won't make transactions here, they come here for meeting someone like minded, and seeking potential relationships with the right object.

Remember smile all the time, be friendly and warmly to everyone including the waiters, like you're amiable and easy of approach, then keep an elegant manner. Trust me that you won't feel tired. On the contrary, you'll feel excited because you are just like a glamour goddess. ;) [read more]

Sugar Baby Travel Guidelines
Posted by | July 08, 2010

Sugar relationship could be considered a relatively private relationship, I know people who specialize in sugaring non-native, instead of looking for sugaring and dating locally. Regardless of the reasons why they want to keep this relationship as secret, it happens, if there's need that one side of the date to travel to see the other. But too many things can go wrong at the first time.

If sugar baby will travel to meet sugar daddy, there are some guidelines that she should be taken care, to reduce risk.

a sugar baby on airplane

1. If it's possible, let him come to see you instead of traveling to meet him. Many businessmen often fly to other cities for work, if you two are in same country yet different cities, it would be the best idea. For sugar daddies that will be a short trip without any commercial pressure. This man would be more trustable if he cares about your safety and come to you.

2. In most cases, they'll invite you to his place or travel together. Don't easily assume that a man won't lie, never agree to travel with anyone if you haven't even met them in person.

3. If you decide to fly to meet your sugar daddy in another city another country or even abroad, make sure you have got to know him for good and you two have been kept in touch at least two or three months.

4. Make sure your sugar daddy will cover the cost of round trip airfare, hotel room, and any transportation you need to get there. Besides, the correct way is that he'd send you the monies and let you to book your tickets and rooms yourself. He’s lying if he insists that he need your bank details. And don't give him your passport details and social security number. it's not necessary for him to know the personal info of you.

5. Order the hotel by yourself. It's better not to sleep with him at first night. But end up it's up to you, just note that nothing will be more important than your safety.

6. Clear the details of your itinerary. Where he lives, where would you two like to go, to eat, to have fun, when will you come back? If there's any unusual changes or your intuition are telling you could be in danger, find an excuse then back to hotel.

7. Always remember that your sugar daddy should respect you and care about your safety, as you are in a land strange to you. If he shows rude manners or any abnormal behavior, it's better to end this trip unless you really trust this man.

8.Tell your friends your itinerary and check with them at regular intervals, make them sure you are all right and let them know where you are at present.

9.Take some cash and credit card with you all the time, even though it's him who paid the bills. Just in case of emergency and any potentially dangerous situation which make you want to change your schedule of return flight to get back earlier. [read more]