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Why People Join Sugar Daddy Dating Sites?

Posted by | October 10, 2015

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Nowadays, there is a growing online dating sites trends called “sugar daddy dating sites” becomes popular among people. It’s an online platform where women seeking rich older men or wealthy older men seeking younger women. However, why so many people join sugar daddy sites? What’s the temptation of them?

Why women use sugar daddy dating sites? Below are the possible reasons:

1. They may lack of love of father.
2. They may be struggling on the early stage of life and seeking cares without taking responsibility.
3. They may not be used to be intimated and their own space.
4. They may need financial benefits like (clothes, jewelry, exotic trips, allowance, etc.).
5. The desire to improve their social position.
6. The need of security and mentoring from an older man.

All in all, a young woman may be looking for not only an older man who can give her money and love but also looking for power.

Why men use sugar daddy dating sites?

Meanwhile, men are using money to pursue a romantic contentment which is based on money. By spending money, they get a fancy relation who is quite like prostitution. However, it’s not honorable to call it “prostitution” directly. Then they are caught in the web of “sugar daddy” dating to create an illusion of love.

The major purpose of older men seeking a young, vibrant woman is to ignite the sexual vigor of youth again. They are having problems with aging and are trying to keeping up with the culture of young people. The further reason is they are afraid of death and depopulation. They want to find the feeling of youthful feeling again. Besides, some men may have problems with intimacy and want to have their own space. Their psychological need for power and control urge them to find a sugar baby.

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