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How Much Allowance You Ask for Sugar Daddy is Reasonable?

Posted by | September 01, 2016


Sugar daddy dating offers a lot of benefits and one of these is the allowance that you can get from your sugar daddy. However, there are some things that you should know about the allowance of a sugar baby. First of all, it doesn’t determine your worth. Remember that you’re priceless. The sugar baby allowance is all about setting a price for the effort, contribution, time and attention that you’re willing to give to your sugar daddy. Here’s how you can determine the amount you should ask from your sugar daddy for your allowance.

What You Want

You should know what you want in the first place. Maybe you want $3000 dollars of monthly supplemental allowance or $300-$500 per meeting. If that’s your goal, you need to find a full-time sugar daddy. You can join a dating site and create a profile. Sugar daddies will send an offer of the amount they are willing to pay. You could accept the offer or name your price.

A good way to determine your allowance is to calculate the amount you need to live in comfort. This includes your living expenses and bills. Add an anticipated amount of extra comforts and how much you want to save. The price range should suit you. One of the best ways to do this is to determine your living costs and then double it.

Arrangement Terms

The average Sugar Baby allowance is about $3,000. When negotiating the amount of your allowance, you need to consider the arrangement terms as well. One of the factors that affect the amount of allowance is time. How much time will the relationship take up? The more time you spend with your sugar daddy, the more allowance you can get. If you are expected not to date other sugar daddies or men during the arrangement, it also requires a higher allowance, such as $5000 allowance a month. Extra expenses such as dressing up in clothes you will need to buy and traveling to his place should be covered by your sugar daddy as well.

The Amount Your Sugar Daddy Can Give

You also need to consider the amount your sugar daddy can give. While most sugar daddies are rich, it doesn’t mean that their resources are unlimited. Even if your sugar daddy is a millionaire, it doesn’t mean that he has the liquidity and income needed to provide you with a large allowance. If he has other expenses to take care of, he is not going to have a lot of extra cash to spend on you.

It is also important to think about the location of your sugar daddy. Location has an important role when determining the amount of allowance that you should ask. Some cities and towns don’t have a lot of sugar daddies who can provide larger allowances. So, consider where you live. However, a smaller number of sugar daddies can also mean getting a large allowance.

You should consider the amount your sugar daddy can easily give when discussing your allowance. Conduct some research on how much he earns and whether he has dependents. This will put you in a better position to negotiate your allowance.

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