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  • Amazing site and very happy to be here, never thought I can become a really 'good catch' in any dating site.

    Well it was Dec 2nd and a girl 'Oliviablueeyes' entered my life, she is beautiful, understanding and with good temperament. I always want to find someone who can link up, I've tried very hard in other places but getting nothing, just snide responses because girls think I'm not a Young & Hot guy.... Besides there are many beautiful women in this site, outnumber any of dating sites that I was on, and scarcely any mercenaries like I've imagined at first. I'm popular here, it's amazing and very happy with this site. I can date literally beyond 5 girls now if I want but I won't as I'm not good at that lol. I have my sugar baby now and I told as many men as possible, about me and my sugar baby, and this site, they are all personal friends of mine.

    Advice to other members:
    Stay positive and be polite all the time.

    Browns23 and Oliviablueeyes, South Amboy, NJ, United States

  • Happy to share my great success at

    It all started on, I had put up my profile in 2014 but I'm not sure what can I get here, I know it's not like usual dating site.

    But I know myself exactly, I've done with my broken family and live alone. I desired a comfortable and wealthy life, a person who can makes me experience the growth and can spoil me like I'm his sweetheart.

    When I met Andrews, a rich and attractive men who is in the financial industry, we've been in touched a long time till May 2015, we had a date in Hawaii! He is in Australia and me in Canada. Our second date was Paris, then Italy, Santorini, Athens, Istanbul, Amsterdam... We love traveling it makes both of us have the desire to learn things and grow together. See we've been dating each other for over a year now and I'm really looking forward to the future adventures. Thanks, you never know what you're gonna get if you never try!

    Advice to other members:

    Be clear of who you are and who you are looking for. It's better for you girls to attract a best one for you, instead of waste your time on a group of men. Read their profile!

    KaroiFargs, Peterborough, ON, Canada

  • Met really generous and nice people at Sudy, thanks for helping with my tuition!

    First, I was pleasantly surprised by how nice the Sudy was, and the excellent value for money.

    Yes, I bought three-months premium membership on Sudy even though there's a free way to access fully features for all sugar babies. Because I want this matter keeping private. I can choose not not disclose my personal information and message people who will help me only.

    I'm a college student but my family broke unexpectedly and it's so hard to give consideration to both the good grades and the daily life if I turn to any of part-time job. I really didn't want to drop out, I had my goal that pursue a legal profession all the time yet didn't want to put a lot of pressure on my mom as well. My friends told me about Sudy and I gave it a try. Thanks god it solved my biggest problem - tuition, only premium sugar daddy can message you - Sudy indeed weeded out most of scammers to protect members' security. I met a generous and nice man who are willing to help me and we got on very well . Sudy! Thanks again!

    Advice to other members:

    Be honest and sincere, talk to people then you can get to know them. Be patient, I found the best for me at the second month.

    LaravesNory, NY, United States

  • Mutual benefit arrangement at SA.

    I received many messages from men around me, I checked their profile carefully, it seems men on this site are sincerely seeking the arrangements, then I decided to trust this site.

    The first men I date is kinda younger than other sugar daddies but really rich, yet he let me feel he is just wanna show his fancy car and came here for fun I'm not sure, I guess his father is the really rich one and his ego-centric disposition make me feel disgusting.

    When I start to doubt the worth of this site, a men who lives down the road from me contacted me, we have a good communication and everything is run smoothly. I got my first allowance after the first date at his home, it's a romantic night that he hired a chef who cooked a French dish for just two of us. Now he's going to let me live with him in that house near mine, he about to stay here for a week each month.


  • Would be happy to share if you guys have any interest.

    In fact, I joined to because of my friends success. Me and my roommate are both broke girls, one day she joined in some dating site and about one or two months she started to date class people and received luxury gifts. She told me about this site and her successful story. Without hesitate, I created a account, honestly, I am way prettier than her ;)

    I met many guys they were all gentlemen and interesting, but didn't insist for a long time. L. was the 4th man I met, He lives in San Diego/Jackson Hole and I split my time between Phoenix and Telluride. I didn't feel any uncomfortable in spite of the distance, L is wealthy and really generous, every time we meet he would give me a perfect date and sufficient allowance. I never interfere in each his business and if he is too busy to see me he would send me a present as an apologize, how adorable and sweet is he!

    Necolus, Los Angeles, CA

  • Never expected to fall in love here, but it's happening...

    I just wanted to share my success and let you see that it's truly possible to find the person you are dream for.

    She is beautiful, we did video chat via Skype several times and she ended up nod to date with me. It's frankly kinda awkward at first, she was little shy yet I don't know what to talk about because of nervous. But then we talked about her pet dog, she's a animal lover, a thoughtful and caring girl. That restaurant got very nice ambiance, every time she smile back and make any eye contact with me, I feel heart beats.

    No matter where I met her, I just wanna say thanks to bring her to my side, so that's why I would be willing to share this site to people, me and she had already left here though. Just be yourself and open your eyes and heart, never try, never know. You will get reward blissfully, just like lucky me!

    Sandra L.

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