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Tell you the real sugar daddy lifestyle

Posted by | July 14, 2016

real sugar daddy lifestyle

Have you ever had the fixed idea that sugar daddies always live a luxurious and extravagant life style? And They are always around by prostitutes or call-girls?

This article will let you know what is the real sugar daddy lifestyle like.

Actually, a real sugar daddy is not always a rich millionaire, sometimes he’s modest, occupied by work and has certain amount of extra money to spend on a special lady partners every month. It’s different with the traditional dating activity, it’s just a lovely time to escape from the conventional marriage life.

There’s no lies in the sugar daddy lifestyle. It’s a very honest way of life. We put the private finance question on the table. Actually, there’s no people talking money even on the first date.

Being a sugar daddy, you can enjoy the following ten exciting and enviable benefits.

1. Your young lady friend will call you a “Wealthy Sugar Daddy”, even if you’re far from it. However, this appellation wins you points with her available friends, which means new chances to meet another attractive ladies.

2. There will be more names on your contact list. You should distinguish who’s Nicole and who’s Lauren before getting real specific with each one.

3. Your dancing schedule will always be full not matter you are willing or not to go to. These girls are always hungry and they like you and want you, now!

4. There will be no commitment or responsibility in sugar daddy relationship. Sugar babies will fully understand what a “no string attached sugar daddy” is. You don’t need to make awkward explanation. And you don’t need to be guilty when you will spend the weekend with your children rather than her.

5. You will feel like you are a successful people for the first time in your ordinary life.

6. You will feel free to say “no” for once, twice or three times…

7. You don’t need to hide your most annoying personality quirks. They are now becoming the object of sugar baby’s favorite. Don’t hide it, just be the real you.

8. You are the most interesting man in the world now in your sugar baby’s eyes, now that’s something!

9. Your garment has increasingly become more attractive than you ever dreamed it could. It’s okay to notice these changes.

10. You abide by the “sugar daddy code” strictly which was set before you. No, you are not able to talk about the “sugar daddy code”. If you don’t know what a “sugar daddy code” is, just surf the internet to check it up.

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